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The 23rd China Cement Technology Conference


On November 18, 2023, the “23rd China Cement Technology Annual Conference and National Cement Technology Conference” was jointly organized by the Engineering Technology Branch of the Chinese Ceramic Society, the Building Materials Industry Technical Information Institute, and the Science Popularization Working Committee of the Chinese Ceramic Society. “New Technology Exchange Conference and Exhibition” was successfully held at the Guolian Nanyan Lake Hotel in Hefei, Anhui. Henan Fengbo Automation Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in this meeting as an excellent supplier of dynamic measurement products in the cement industry.

With the theme of energy saving and consumption reduction, alternative raw fuels, ultra-low emissions, intelligence, and ultra-fine grinding, the conference integrates rich information and technical resources of the entire cement industry chain including sintering, grinding, automation, collaborative processing, and environmental protection. Provide valuable information and engineering cases for cement companies to select energy-saving, consumption-reducing, and emission-reducing technologies, and exchange advanced experience in operations and management.

Dynamic measurement is an important part of the production process control in the cement industry. It involves the measurement of raw material ingredients, the measurement of raw materials entering the kiln, the measurement of pulverized coal feeding at the kiln head and kiln tail, the measurement of cement ingredients, and the measurement of clinker and cement out of the factory. It directly affects Cement enterprise production costs and product quality. Henan Fengbo’s dynamic measurement products cover all key aspects of cement production process control, including: granular material measurement scales, raw meal powder measurement scales, pulverized coal measurement scales, double-layer powder rotor scales, powder bulk measurement scales, unmanned The intelligent loading system on duty provides strong support for cement companies to achieve energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction and intelligent production.

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