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The impact of precise measurement on cement companies


China’s cement industry is developing rapidly and is the largest cement country in the world. The cement output accounts for 55.95% of the global cement output. It is estimated that China’s cement output will be 2.36 billion tons in 2021, a year-on-year decrease of 1.7%. On October 21, 2021, China’s five ministries and commissions jointly issued several opinions on strict energy efficiency constraints and promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction in key areas (Development and reform industry [2021] No. 1464). Among them, the action plan for strict energy efficiency constraints in key industries of metallurgy and building materials to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction (2021-2025) requires that by 2025, through the implementation of energy conservation and carbon reduction action, the production capacity ratio of key industries and data centers such as steel, electrolytic aluminum and cement to reach the benchmark level will exceed 30%, the overall energy efficiency level of the industry will be significantly improved, and the carbon emission intensity will be significantly reduced, The capacity for green and low-carbon development has been significantly enhanced.

Cement is divided into high energy consumption and high emission projects. It is a key industry to save energy and reduce carbon and achieve carbon peak. At the same time, China’s cement industry is also a key industry in the supply side structural reform, It is estimated that in 2022, under the background of double carbon and “reduction and replacement” “Under the policy, the production capacity of China’s cement industry will continue to be limited, and under the background of the double decline in the growth rate of China’s housing construction and infrastructure projects, the demand of China’s cement market may further narrow. 2500t / d cement production lines in some regions will be gradually shut down and replaced, and grinding stations are also gradually shut down and integrated because of their particularity. In short, peak staggering production, environmental protection and production restriction, and capacity reduction and replacement And merger and reorganization to improve industry concentration will be the main melody of China’s cement industry.

Under the background of double carbon and capacity replacement, Chinese cement enterprises are also accelerating the scientific and technological innovation of double carbon and actively exploring the transformation to green and intelligent development. Improving accurate measurement control is one of the important links. Accurate measurement is the basis of intelligent cement and energy saving and consumption reduction. Especially in terms of process control and product quality improvement, only accurate measurement data can lay a solid foundation for subsequent intelligent technical transformation and energy saving and consumption reduction transformation.

In terms of carbon reduction, the carbon emission of cement industry mainly comes from the production process of cement clinker, that is, carbon dioxide produced by coal combustion and carbon dioxide decomposed by calcium carbonate. Both carbon reduction are closely related to accurate measurement.

Firstly, as one of the main building materials, cement has no substitute for cement. The manufacture of cement is inseparable from cement mineral resources, which means that the amount of C02 produced by calcium carbonate decomposition is fixed to some extent, and it is difficult to reduce carbon emissions through technology. Therefore, in the short term, cement enterprises more depends on deeply excavate the firing process to reduce carbon emissions. The most direct way to reduce carbon and save coal is to start from metering. In the process of cement production, if the measurement of pulverized coal is inaccurate, it will lead to some problems such as unstable kiln temperature, which will greatly increase coal consumption and power consumption and affect the product quality.

Therefore, the carbon reduction goal of many Chinese cement enterprises starts from the technical transformation of pulverized coal feeder at the kiln head and kiln tail. This is confirmed by the transformation of pulverized coal feeder in a cement enterprise of China Tower brand. They have a 5000t / D new dry process cement clinker production line, which was completed and put into operation in September 2003. The rotor feeder equipment used at the kiln head and kiln tail has operated for more than ten years, with low net residual value, large equipment maintenance workload and power consumption in the later stage. In addition, it is difficult to control the reduction of coal consumption index. After many investigations, it was finally decided to replace the Coriolis pulverized coal feeder(measuring scale) of Henan Fengbo Automation Co., Ltd. with better performance, and carry out technical transformation on the original rotor scale at the kiln head and kiln tail to meet the production requirements of energy conservation and consumption reduction.

After calculation, after the technical transformation of Coriolis pulverized coal feeder, the coal conveying air pressure is reduced by about 5kpa, the current of Roots fan is reduced by about 10A, and the reduction of air volume reduces the power consumption of Roots fan itself and the coal consumption generated by primary air volume. Therefore, it can be seen that accurate measurement is important for carbon reduction of cement enterprises.

Moreover, reducing clinker output to help meet both China’s double-carbon targets and its policy of capacity reduction requires requires cement plants to improve the utilization rate of raw materials and product quality with accurate measurement. For example, if raw meal proportioning is not measured accurately, the clinker calcination temperature will inevitably fluctuate, will lead to incomplete conbustion -increase the coal’s consumption,but also the quality of clinker will be unstable.If the metering control of adding fly ash during cement grinding is accurate, the feeding amount can be increased by 2% ~ 5%. Accurate measurement has a direct impact on the consumption of coal and clinker’s quality ,accurate measurement results into direct benefits from the cement plant.

Cemex cement, a world-famous cement enterprise, also encountered such problems. At first, their raw meal batching metering equipment was inaccurate. After many investigations, Coriolis raw meal quantitative feeding scale of Henan Fengbo Automation Co., Ltd. was selected. After transformation and operation, there was no fault, accurate metering and stable operation, with an accuracy of ± 0.5%, Thus, the stability of the kiln condition of the firing system is ensured. Through data statistical analysis, the clinker strength and standard coal consumption have been improved in varying degrees after the transformation. Then Cemex Mexico zapotalic cement Plant and Panama cemento bayano SA (calzada larga) cement purchased the same series of products Coriolis powder quantitative batching scale for cement batching measurement. 

   Henan Fengbo Automation Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise in China. Founded in 1997, it has been committed to the R & D, production, marketing and service of precision metering equipment for many years. Adhering to the development concept of “standard leading” and “technology leading”, the company focuses on the metering products in the whole process section of the cement production line, and provides the products for Nanfang cement, Zoomlion cement Tianshan cement, conch cement, Huaxin Cement, Hongshi cement, Gezhouba cement, Yaobai cement and other cement enterprises in China provide long-term products and technical services. The main products include: measurement of pulverized coal (petroleum coke) at kiln head and kiln tail, measurement of raw meal powder into kiln, measurement of clinker rotor proportioning (clinker, limestone), quantitative proportioning measurement of powder (fly ash and mineral powder) The ex factory bulk measurement of granular materials (clinker and aggregate), ex factory bulk measurement of cement, warehousing measurement scale of clinker, etc. ensure the upgrading of cement enterprises to fine measurement technology in multiple aspects.

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