Belt Scale

Belt Scale

Feeding Rate: 1~2000t/h

Measurement of materials: Bulk material, such as limestone, iron ore, clinker, gypsum, lump coal, clay, slag, sand etc. Powder material, such as pulverized coal, fly ash, ferrous powder and cement etc.

Application fields: Mining Industry, Coal Industry,Power Industry,Chemical Industry,Ceramic Industry,Metallurgy Industry, Building Material Industry, Food Industry and Alumina Industry etc.

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  FB dual-idler belt scale(belt weighing/electronic belt scale) is installed under the belt conveyor to make continuous weighing for conveying material.

  It is highly precise, reliable and can meet the requirements of many harsh environments.

  Application: It can be widely used in building materials, chemicals, coal, ports,ceramics, food and other industries.


  ●Stable and reliable long life span

  ●Sophisticated weighing system

  ●Weighing Accuracy:±1.0%

  ●Patented product

  ●CE certificated

  ●Provide Overseas Service:Engineers/installation/calibration/commissioning ect


  ● FB-DMC-01A intelligent controller is adopted;

  ● AChieve dynamic and continuous measuring;

  ● Reasonable structure, stable and reliable measurement;

  ● Automatically perform zero measurement and system calibration;

  ● The control instrument can display instantaneous flow rate, total accumulation

  and can also transmit signal at the same time;

  ● Can achieve continuous batch feeding;

  ● With the function of over-load alarm;

  ● Set all kinds of parameters, and adjust the system in best control conditions;

  ● Can save electric-shock date permanently;

  ● Self-diagnosis function and can be connected to DCS system


  When the material on the belt conveyor passes through the belt scale, the load cell detects the material weight and generates a signal in proportion to the material weight. The weight signal is transmitted to the controller.

  At the same time, the speed sensor installed under the scale detects the belt speed and generates a signal which is also transmitted to the controller.

  By multiplying the weight signal and the speed signal, the instantaneous flow rate and total accumulation can be calculated.


  Weighing range: 0.1~2000t/h

  Weighing mode: Dual-idler

  Weighing Accuracy:±1%

  Maximum angle of inclination: 30 degree