Raw meal feeder

Raw meal feeder

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  FB-CMF Coriolis Powder Feeding System(fly ash feeding system/Coal Dust Feeder system/Pulverize dust Feeder system) is developed by our company according to the principle of Coriolis. It is complete measuring equipment for continuous feeding and measuring powdery material. It is mainly used in Cement industry, such as raw meal dosing, pulverized coal feeding for kiln head and kiln tail, and fly ash in cement grinding plant, of course, the different technology stage have different measurement system.


  1. All bearings inside the feeder are imported and the motor and reducer are the products of SEW company;

  2. Steady flow feeder is mainly used for steady the material flow with structure of three-layer and mixing device to prevent material arching and flushing in the silo and material rocketing out caused by air pressure, the steady flow feeder can make the feeding well-distributed, steady and reliable;

  3. The system is inspected by Coriolis principle. The instantaneous mass flow of the material is measured. It is the real flow meter different from the chute-type flow meter and impact flow meter and also different from loss-in-weight feeder, rotor weighfeeder and ring-typed balance;

  4. Steady and accuracy feeding is realized by adopting frequency control of motor speed to ensure high accuracy and quick responses;

  5. As a pre-feeding device, steady flow feeder is mainly used in powdery weighing system which requires a certain conveying pressure and higher weighing accuracy (eg. kiln head and kiln tail of cement plant for coal feeding);

  6. The pre-feeding instrument can also be rotary vane feeder + electronic flow control valve + air chute in normal pressure. The cost of this system is slightly low and is widely used in fly ash weighing and conveying;


  The Core part for Coriolis powdery Mass flow meter is measuring disc, which is drived by the main axes. The material is flow into the central measuring disc, and then threw out by revolving disc. The material will give a force to the vane of the disc, the force is called Coriolis force, the force is proportional to the material of the mass, the material flow rate will be got after measuring the force. In Coriolis powdery flow meter, the measured force is torques which caused by the driving axes on measuring disc. Due to the radius of disc is fixed, the Coriolis force will be calculated when measuring the torques, at the same time, the material instantaneous flow rate also can be got indirectly. There is no influence on the measurement result for friction between material particles and measuring disc, as well as the friction among the material layer caused by different speed, to ensure the precision of the system.


  1. Weighing Range: 3~160M3 / h

  2. Weighing Accuracy: ≤±0.5%

  3. Accuracy Class:C3