Schenck Weighing Indicator

Schenck Weighing Indicator


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Schenck INTECONT Tersus Indicator

The successor to the successful INTECONT PLUS, the INTECONT Tersus, steps up a gear in terms of performance and features. For example, the evaluation electronics for continuous measurement systems are ideally equipped for international use. They are supplied with the option of dialogues in German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Hungarian and Russian and additional languages can now also be installed.

Important features at a glance

· Compact evaluation electronics for continuous measurement systems

· Colour, high-resolution TFT

· Ergonomic operating elements arranged by function

· Multilingual capabilities provided by the operating languages available. Special languages such as Chinese and Russian can also be loaded

· Automatic adjustment programs


The evaluation electronics are used for technical weighing tasks in continuous processes, equipped with belt scale, weigh feeders, in order to measure and record bulk material flows continuously and to high levels of accuracy. They enable reliable production reproducibility and transparency at a high level.

Operating comfort, state-of-the-art technology and extended functionality

The INTECONT Tersus is on the user’s side as far as operating comfort is concerned. This starts with the colour LCD featuring high resolution, event marking and input assistance. It continues with ergonomically set-up operating menus, automatic adjustment programs, integrated weighing applications and calibration memory for conveyor belt scales. In sum, a well-rounded operating comfort concept for discerning operators who are looking for more than just operating and monitoring functions.

Compatibility as standard

The communication module allows the INTECONT Tersus to be perfectly integrated in existing automation structures. The Ethernet network connection is included in the basic equipment.

CFC modules for a simple Profibus connection to Siemens systems (PCS 7) allow for easy integration. One particular benefit is the fact that the configurable scale values are available in the CFC plan itself as binary or numerical values.